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High Tech Archaeology

by Jonathan Brisendine – Field Archaeologist So what do I mean by high tech archaeology? By this I am referring to the robotic arms we employ to dig units for us. Only kidding!! What I am referring to is the … Continue reading

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Online Interactive Story Map

CART has created a Cultural History Tour of the Old Colchester Park and Preserve. This interactive story map is based on historic and archaeological data recovered during investigations on the park.  You can click on map numbers to see a … Continue reading

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Computers & Data Management in Archaeology

by Gregory “Chip” Marshall – Database Programming & Archaeological Lab Assistant Data management is an important and potentially tedious task that computers are making easier including within archaeology and heritage resources. Previously, most data management was done in a physical … Continue reading

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Cartography of Colchester

by Marion Constante – Archaeologist & GIS Specialist Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is used for the archaeology at the Old Colchester Park & Preserve to create visual representations of geographic data that include data collected from surveys, historic documentation, natural … Continue reading

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the virtual past

Marion has been busy in the lab recreating the landscape of the port town of Colchester.  This rendering is slightly more accurate than before, due to her hard work to create elevations using ArcGIS with a topo map from 1920. … Continue reading

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Congrats to Marion, our GIS specialist, for receiving third place today for her work on “Virtual Colchester”.   in the Best GIS Cartographic Product/Presentation category at today’s GIS Day awards.  Below is picture of her receiving her award from Sharon Bulova, … Continue reading

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Virtual Colchester Evolving

These screenshots were taken from CART’s GIS . Marion has been doing some interesting and important work. First she created a 3D rotatable image from a two-foot contour map. Then projected the town plat, the lines you see on the ground. … Continue reading

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