Artifact Images

Morrow Mountain projectile point.  Projectile points change across Native American cultural periods.  Because stone tools resist weathering and decay, archaeologists use them to figure out when a site was occupied.



White clay tobacco pipe with “TD” Maker’s Mark.  Archaeologists at George Washington’s Mount Vernon A very similar pipe; here is their description.



Fragments of iron cooking kettles recovered from a slave quarters site occupied between ca. 1760 and 1820.  Kettles like this were fairly common.  As the Spurlock Museum of World Cultures notes, methods used by kettle maker Abraham Darby revolutionized the iron industry with profound effects.



This is a coulter from a late-eighteenth to early-nineteenth century moldboard plow.  The coulter led the plowshare, breaking the soil and making it easier for the share to create furrows for planting.  Thomas Jefferson designed a moldboard plow with a nearly identical coulter in 1794.   Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello describes his design here.