Interesting finds..

We have opened six units already, in the downtown Colchester area, and are discovering artifacts ranging from scratch blue stoneware, to jackfield, to yellowware and large amounts of iron nails and container glass.  These artifacts could be associated with a barn that burned in the area, according to local legend, in the early 1900’s.  Shown below are just some of the artifacts recovered from one layer of one test unit.  If you would like to join us in the field, please email the contacts on the right…hope to see you by the back dirt pile!!
Thanks to the two Elizabeths in the lab for being hand models!!

About cartarchaeology

We are the County Archaeological Research Team, part of the Archaeology and Collections Branch, Resource Management Division, Fairfax County Park Authority. We are tasked with understanding and managing the cultural resources on Park land throughout Fairfax County.
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