SHA Slot and Happy Holidays from FOFA

We scored a wonderful time slot at the Society for Historical Archaeology Conference in Baltimore this January! It’s coming up so quickly, and the weekend is so action-packed that everyone can only hope to be allotted a space that will be not too early (for those sleeping in) and not too late (beware conference brain burnout!) … and we are some of the lucky few!

Symposium: Cracking Colchester, Virginia: an “Affair too difficult and
mysterious to be unravelled.”
[SYM-384] 11:00 am – 12:30 pm (Harborside – Kent C)
Organizers: Kathleen A. Lowe
Chairs: Elizabeth Crowell, Kathleen Lowe

11:00 am Elizabeth A. Crowell, Kathleen Lowe, Old Colchester Park and
Preserve: An Overview of the Project
11:15 am Maddy McCoy, A Valuable Tract of Land, Situate in Fairfax County,
Virginia: The Port Town of Colchester
11:30 am Alisa A. Pettitt, Elizabeth Paynter, The Merchant of Colchester:
Searching for the Influence of John Glasford and Co. in the Archaeological
Record of a Virginia Port Town
11:45 am Christopher Sperling, Kathleen Lowe, Unearthing Old Colchester:
Stories of a Colonial Port Town
12:00 pm Robin Kuprewicz, Megan Veness, Behind the Wine Stained Barrels: A
Tale of a Colonial Port Town and a Man Who Made Bad Wine
12:15 pm Aimee D. Wells, Jonathan Mayes, Public Archaeology at Old
Colchester Park and Preserve: Stewardship in Action

Hooray! We are so lucky!

And to top it all off, our Friends (Friends of Fairfax Archaeology and Cultural Resources — find them on Facebook!) sent us this lovely e-card, depicting Colchester at the height of its powers:


About cartarchaeology

We are the County Archaeological Research Team, part of the Archaeology and Collections Branch, Resource Management Division, Fairfax County Park Authority. We are tasked with understanding and managing the cultural resources on Park land throughout Fairfax County.
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  1. About Us: says:

    Friday! Will you be there?


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