Tale of Two Features

We have commented in earlier posts on the high water table at the town site.  Today we got back to the site for the first time in a while.  Despite more than a week without rain, the table actually remains steady if not rising.  Here’s a graphic example.

This is what Feature 52, a cellar, looked like when we peeled back the tarp at 11:45 on Saturday morning.

Here it is minutes after we bailing out the water.

Something caught our eye as we took the post-bail picture.  You could actually see the water flowing back into the unit.  Note the rippling in the water coming out from the wall.

We went in for lunch and returned to this.

Right back to where we started.  For this feature, discretion may be the better part of valor and we may have to close this guy down. If nothing else, this begs certain questions about historic Colchester.  Namely, has the water table always been this high and, if so, what did that mean for its residents? Did they adapt construction techniques, alter the landscape, or otherwise change their life patterns of necessity due to this peculiar town characteristic?  Sounds like long-term research questions.


About cartarchaeology

We are the County Archaeological Research Team, part of the Archaeology and Collections Branch, Resource Management Division, Fairfax County Park Authority. We are tasked with understanding and managing the cultural resources on Park land throughout Fairfax County.
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