"That belongs in a museum!"

Harrison Ford stars as Indiana Jones in Paramount Pictures' Raiders of the Lost Ark

As we wish a Happy 30th to Raiders of the Lost Ark, we also do a bit a reflection. As this article notes, by today’s standards, Indiana Jones was a pretty bad archaeologist.  The film arguably inspired a generation of folks towards archaeology, regardless of how distant it is from the grind of the the actual practice.  The technology of today’s archaeology is pretty incredible.  While I am enough of a troglodyte to think I am on the cutting edge when I text Kathleen a picture of a box turtle while letting her know that I am taking the next feature number, lucky for us CART is otherwise loaded with tech savvy.  From the level of accuracy afforded by the use of modern survey equipment to the GIS system and database, we are no slackers.  Happy Birthday, Indy! But now its time to bury the whip and digitally level the total station.


About cartarchaeology

We are the County Archaeological Research Team, part of the Archaeology and Collections Branch, Resource Management Division, Fairfax County Park Authority. We are tasked with understanding and managing the cultural resources on Park land throughout Fairfax County.
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